Climatic Chambers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Climatic Chambers, Environmental Test Chambers, Environmental Chambers and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

 Specifications :
 1  Work Space  24 "(L)x 24"(D) x 24"(H)
 2.  Temp. Range  - 20o C to 100 oC
 3  Temp. Tolerance  + / - 1 oC
 4  Temp. Control  95% +/- 3% temp. range 25 oC to 60 oC
 5  Temp. Sensor  By solid state digital temperature Indicator Controller for dry & wet bulb with  PT-100
 6  Power  440 V + / - 5%, 3 phase neutral 50 Hz at 15 amp/phase stabilized AC supply
 7  Construction
 Hinges & Latches
 Double wall type with
 22 swg Stainless Steel
 20 Swg CRCA MS sheets with powder coating
 1 00 mm glass wool insulation
 Full front opening door double walled insulated & interior lined with stainless steel
 Double gasket one on chamber and one on the door
 Heavy duty hinges with locking system
 Trolley mounting type with castors
 8  Overall dimesnsions  32 " (L) x 36" (D) x 60 " (H)

Systems Provided :

• Air-Circulation Systems
1/8 Hp capacity continuous rated 230 Volts, single phase AC operated motor along with 7 " dia impeller has been provided for uniform temperature and humidity condition inside the chamber.

• Humidity Systems
Low surface loading inconel tube heaters having capacity 500 watts-2nos. Has been provided to add heat inside the chamber. All the heaters are mounted in the conditioning space and will operate in the black zone.

• Humidity Systems
Low pressure moisture generator tank has been provided to generate the moisture and add humidity in the chamber. 2 KW capacity immersion heater having 1 V4 BSP threading has been provided inside the moisture generator tank. The moisture generator tank has been provided along with low water level controller with mechanical float type refilling arrangement.

• Control panel and wiring
Separate control panel provided on the top of the chamber which I ncorporate all the indicating and monitoring instruments with control switches, MCB"S , contactors, indicating lamps etc. All the wiring will be done as per IS color code with channel type wiring.

• Utilities provided
a. Chamber drain
b. Viewing window 30x30 cms 2 pane glass with low wattage heater and manually operated wiper.
c. Chamber interior light.
d. Port hole 25mm dia 1 no.
e. Terminal Panel - 6 nos. 5 amps capacity
f. 30 Lts. capacity S/S tank provided on the top for water storage.

• Water requirement
30 Lts/day dematerialized water during the humidity test.

Available in customized work-space sizes